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Jonathan Timothy Schwab is a lawyer at Glendale Bankruptcy Attorneys. He has called Phoenix home for the past six years, and is licensed to practice law in Arizona and Washington state. As a Glendale attorney, Jonathan emphasizes on helping Arizona residents file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 personal bankruptcies. He has a passion for helping people who are burdened by debt and need relief. Jonathan works extensively with clients from their consultation to the discharge and closing of their case.

In his spare time, Jonathan takes advantage of the world class mountain biking trails in Arizona and hikes throughout the valley. In the summer months, he enjoys camping and fishing throughout northern Arizona.


Don’t let your debts control your financial decisions and your personal life. We provide debt assistance and bankruptcy services to help you get the fresh start you want here in Arizona!


Facing financial difficulties? Filing bankruptcy may be the solution you’re looking for! Contact Glendale Bankruptcy Attorneys to check if you are qualified for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Is your business drowning in debt? Our Glendale bankruptcy attorney can determine if your business qualifies for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and assist you in giving your company a second chance.

Considering bankruptcy but worried about keeping your home and car? Our Glendale attorney can help you eliminate debt while protecting your property in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Tired of getting creditor calls? Let our Glendale debt settlement attorneys  help you meet with your creditors and negotiate new terms for your debt! Call our AZ bankruptcy law firm at 623-471-1377 today.

Can’t keep up with your bills? Our trusted Glendale Arizona debt consolidation lawyers can assist you in simplifying the terms of your payment, so you can manage your financial situation quicker. What are you waiting for? Call now!

Wondering how you can keep your car or save your home from foreclosures and repossession? Our loan modification attorneys can help modify your loan so you can avoid these unwanted scenarios!

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